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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any alternatives to the AA program?

5 Alternatives to the AA Approach 1 SMART Recovery. The SMART Recovery program is not based on a spiritual foundation like AA is; instead, it’s foundation is research-based. 2 LifeRing. ... 3 Women for Sobriety. ... 4 SOS. ... 5 Moderation Management. ...

Are there any alternatives to AA 12 Step group?

One of the leading alternatives is SMART Recovery, which bills itself as a mental health and educational recovery program that helps individuals change their behavior and thinking regarding substance abuse.

What did you learn at the Minnesota Alternatives program?

I had a wonderful experience at MN Alternatives. I learned many, many things that I have implemented in my life and use every day. My time at MN Alt was very informative, supportive and effective. Love your program - God Bless!

Is there a secular alternative to the AA Group?

MM meetings are free to attend. LifeRing – Is a secular social support organization that connects people in communities who seek sobriety, with others who have a similar goal. Meetings are free to attend. Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) – Is a secular organization that teaches self empowerment over addiction.

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