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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA )?

Five alternatives to AA include: SMART Recovery: Smart Management and Recovery Training focuses on empowering the individual to sustain recovery. LifeRing: This secular group provides a healthy network of peers focused on remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

Are there any other sober communities besides AA?

The Top 25 Sober Communities Beyond Traditional AA. 1 1. SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery is a sober community that focuses on helping individuals through group meetings. Their philosophy is largely focused ... 2 2. LifeRing. 3 3. The Phoenix. 4 4. Secular Organizations for Sobriety.

Are there any alternatives to AA 12 Step group?

One of the leading alternatives is SMART Recovery, which bills itself as a mental health and educational recovery program that helps individuals change their behavior and thinking regarding substance abuse.

How are SMART Recovery programs different from Alcoholics Anonymous?

SMART Recovery programs avoid labels, such as “alcoholic” and shy away from the disease model of addiction. They focus on methods that use both Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy components to engender change of self-destructive behaviors.

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