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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the only Auto Club that offers roadside assistance?

Better World Club is the only auto club in the U.S. that specifically prides itself on environmentally friendly green practices. They offer roadside assistance for cars, motorcycles, RVs, and even bikes! You know, old-fashioned pedal-powered bicycles.

Which is better AAA or Better World Club?

Better World Club is the perfect alternative to AAA for anyone looking to get excellent customer service and save the planet. As regular donors to a wide range of environmental causes, Better World Club really does promise to build a better world, one tire change at a time.

Where can I Find my Local AAA club?

AAA’s roadside assistance calls and other automotive services are provided by a network of AAA-approved contractors, usually auto repair shops and towing companies. To find your regional AAA club and the closest outpost to your home or office, enter your zip code into AAA’s club finder tool.

Is there a free roadside assistance plan like AAA?

All State offers free roadside assistance to its customers. Most companies have their own plans and most of those plans offer more coverage than AAA, for less cost. Many cell providers offer roadside assistance plan and they are cheaper than AAA although not by much.

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