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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roku work without cable?

No, you can stream movies, TV shows and more on a Roku ® streaming player or Roku TV ™ without a traditional cable or satellite subscription. In fact, many Roku customers have “cut the cord” meaning that they have no cable or satellite subscription and their Roku streaming device is the primary way they watch television.

How do you watch cable on Roku?

Simple steps to watch cable TV on Roku media player: First of all, you can press the “Home” key from your Roku remote control. Visit Roku channel store. Now, you can search the required channel and then click on the Add Channel Button. Once you have install the Required channel, you will get activation link code.

How to watch live TV on Roku?

How To Get Live TV on Roku Exploring Roku Live TV Options. When it comes to watching live tv, there are not many choices available for free on Roku. ... Adding Channels on Roku. To begin watching your favorite shows you'll need to know how to get the channels first. ... Free Roku Live TV Channels. ... Paid Roku Channels for Live TV. ...

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