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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good alternatives to cable TV?

The 8 Best Alternatives to Cable TV 1. Netflix 2. Hulu 3. Amazon Prime Video 4. Sling TV 5. Online Cable Channels 6. HBO Now 7. Showtime Online 8. YouTube TV

What are the best alternatives to direct TV?

Cable television is a viable alternative. Cable television is a viable alternative to both Dish Network and DirecTV. With cable television, you can avoid being forced to use a satellite dish, you will just need a coaxial cable that runs into the back of a cable box or television set.

What are other options for TV?

The three primary choices for television services are Satellite (such as Dish Network or DirecTV), Cable, or an over the air signal. More recently we have seen similar offerings for availability of television over fiber (such as Verizon's FIOS), and high speed networking lines (as in AT&T's U-verse offering).

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