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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cable TV alternatives that offer a lot of channels?

The best cable TV alternatives offer a lot of channels (and especially the networks you want), ease of use, availability on major streaming devices and, of course, value for the cost. Our top cable TV alternative, Sling TV, starts off at $35 per month for either the Sling Blue or Sling Orange packages.

What is the difference between cable extensions and cable mod cables?

The knock off brands are more plastic-y but are pretty durable, and din't get dirty as easy as the CableMod cables. The CableMod cables are going to be easier to bend and such, since it's actually cloth sleeving instead of synthetic plastic. I'd pick up the cheaper extensions, personally.

What is the best cable modding kit for an upcoming build?

I want a kit of nice individually sleeved cable extentions (full kits are expensive) for an upcoming build, was going on amazon and saw that there were lots of unknown brands (upHere, Asiahorse, EZ-DIY, etc (30$)), along with some higher-end expensive stuff (cablemod modmesh pro (55$)). as far as I am aware, here is what each kit contains:

What is the best way to cut the cord from cable TV?

Cutting the cord is made possible by the best cable TV alternatives. These live TV services offer faster performance, sleeker interfaces — and best of all — monthly payment structures. That's right, no contracts!

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