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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free alternatives to college textbooks?

Boundless, the company that builds on existing open educational resources to provide free alternatives to traditionally costly college textbooks, has released 18 open textbooks under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ( CC BY-SA ), the same license used by Wikipedia.

Are there any alternatives to going to college?

A variety of productive options besides college have sprung up in the internet age, many of which can provide you with better opportunities than the traditional straight-to-college pattern.

What kind of books can you get on boundless?

The 18 textbooks cover timeless college subjects, such as accounting, biology, chemistry, sociology, and economics. Boundless reports that students at more than half of US colleges have used its resources, and that they expect its number of users to grow.

Is there only one way to go to college?

Unfortunately, there are people who will tell you that there’s only one way to do things (this “only way” often involves a four-year degree and working at the same company for thirty years). In reality, there are many options other than college and a single career track.

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