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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best essay alternative for high school students?

Ashley Bible of Building Book Love ’s favorite essay alternative is to replace a traditional theme analysis essay with the creative writing project of authoring a storybook. For example, after finishing Transcendentalism texts, she reads the children’s book Henry Hikes to Fitchburg to her high school students.

What can I do instead of an essay?

Lauralee of Language Arts Classroom uses a variety of public speaking activities as an alternative to the standard essay. You can meet many of the same writing standards with a speech.

What can I do instead of going to college?

Take a look at these very enticing alternatives to college. 1. Work a job Contrary to popular opinion, you can work right away with a high school degree. All of the following occupations don’t require a college degree and some of them pay extremely well: Obviously you need the skills for jobs like graphic designer and web developer, for example.

Are there any alternatives to " In conclusion "?

Double Word Alternatives to "In Conclusion" 1 altogether now, 2 as indicated, 3 bluntly stated, 4 in brief, 5 in closing, 6 in essence, 7 in general, 8 in short, 9 in summary, 10 in summation, More items...

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