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What alternatives are effective for sleep apnea, Besides CPAP?

Sleep Apnea Treatment: CPAP Alternatives BiPAP for Sleep Apnea. BiPAP, or BiLevel PAP therapy, works in a similar manner as CPAP. ... Weight Loss. Weight loss can be a very effective CPAP alternative for overweight and obese patients. ... Mouthguards and Oral Devices. ... Sleep Apnea Surgery. ... Other CPAP Alternatives. ... Finding a CPAP Alternative. ...

Are there alternatives to CPAP treatment?

In a CPAP, the air pressure is constant, while the BiPAP utilizes two different pressures – a higher pressure for the inhale and a lower pressure for the exhale. For those who have trouble tolerating the pressure of a CPAP (often those who have co-current conditions, like lung disease or COPD), a BiPAP might be the best alternative to CPAP therapy.

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