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Frequently Asked Questions

Is plexiglass and acrylic glass the same thing?

Acrylic and Plexiglass are referred to the same group of elastomers . An acrylic is a group of elastomers. Plexiglass is PMMA, which comes under the group of acrylic.

Is plexiglass as clear as glass?

Plexiglass is also as clear as glass, so looking through acrylic windows is the same as peering through more-fragile glass panes. Plexiglass windows are also easier to maintain (since they don’t collect as much dirt), resistant to breakage, and are less likely to crack or stain in severe weather.

What is a substitute for plastic?

Other materials that are commonly substituted with plastic include: • Rubber: Rubber is often substituted with relatively inexpensive plastics, such as thermoplastic olefins and thermoplastic elastomers. Thermoplastic polyurethanes can be used to provide improved chemical and abrasion resistance.

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