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Frequently Asked Questions

What is better, YouTube or twitch?

YouTube is much better for long term series, edited and the such. Twitch is live and as such you must be very good at holding an audience, especially when starting up. YouTube is often better when you're new. Editing can make your videos more exciting and engaging, Allowing you to grow and audience much quicker than on Twitch.

What is some good equipment for starting on Twitch?

6 Must-Have Video Game Streaming Equipment for New Twitch Streamers Pro Stream Webcam. Viewers don't just want to see the game you're playing-they want to see your face too. ... USB Microphone. How will viewers get to know you without hearing your voice? ... Microphone Pop Filter. ... Microphone Arm Stand. ... Softbox Lighting Kit. ... Green Screen Backdrop. ...

Is twitch like YouTube?

Both YouTube and Twitch are making a similar pitch to their video creators: use one service for everything, rather than dividing their attention between two. Until now, many games broadcasters have used both services: uploading videos to YouTube and streaming live on Twitch.

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