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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VLC better than Windows Media Player?

VLC is better than Windows Media Player and Apple Quick Time. VLC works with with all common video formats, DVDs, and can even play broken or incomplete video files.

Why is VLC not responding?

The reason why VLC does not play DVD on Windows or Mac may be caused by the new OS upgrade. The common operation is to locate "Security and Maintenance", to click "Troubleshooting Computer Problems", "Programs" and "Run programs previously made for Windows" in order.

How do I set up VLC?

Luckily, you can set up VLC as your default media player following the steps below: 1) Click "Tools" from the top menu, scroll down and press "Preferences"; 2) Click "Set up associations" at the bottom of interface settings window; 3) Specify which file extension(s) to be associated with VLC and save your settings.

Is there VLC app for Windows 10?

Beloved VLC media player releases a robust universal Windows 10 app. VLC now has a Windows 10-friendly version that works with nearly every major Windows 10 platform. Today's Best Tech Deals.

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