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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube?

But note, they’re other platforms aside from what we’re mentioning here that can be used as alternatives for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Mind was established in 2015, Facebook being 9 years older than it. Minds is open source and integrates blockchain technology to reward its users with tokens every time they make contributions to the platform.

Which is the best social media alternative to Twitter?

Mastodon is an Open Source, decentralized alternative to the Twitter microblogging service. It looks and works a lot like Twitter, so current Twitter users shouldn’t have too hard a time adjusting. Instead of Tweets, you send “toots” which can be up to 500 characters in length.

Are there any good alternative sites to YouTube?

Blockchain is the latest fad in tech town and based on this technology, a new video platform like YouTube, dubbed the ‘DTube,’ has emerged. This decentralized website is a good alternative to YouTube. In fact, it comes real close when looking for sites like YouTube because its UI looks very similar.

Which is the best app to use instead of YouTube?

DTube is one of the best privacy-focused video platforms you can use instead of Youtube. It’s completely decentralized, meaning that DTube videos aren’t uploaded and streamed from one centralized server as they are with Youtube.

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