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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Altium Capital Management?

Our CEO, Jacob Gottlieb, has over 20 years of healthcare hedge fund, private equity, and venture capital investing experience, developing successful teams of investment professionals and business management staff.

What do you look for in Altium Capital?

At Altium Capital, we look for intelligent, motivated people who want to learn and enrichen their careers. We pride ourselves on our collaborative team approach, positive culture and firmwide integrity.

What do you need to know about Altium packaging?

Your market. Our solutions. We are committed to bringing our customers big design ideas rooted in creative innovation and branding know-how. At Altium Packaging, we are committed to ensuring our customers receive personalized service with the dependability and flexibility provided by our unique organization.

Where do I find the model name for Altium?

The link to the required model file ( *.mdl) is specified on the Model Kind tab of the Sim Model dialog. The Model Name is used in the netlist to reference this file. Either the direct capacitance value OR the geometric data used to calculate it can be entered, but not both.

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