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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the auto save files in Altium Designer?

Altium Designer can be configured to use all three techniques, including configuring the Local History feature to add the Auto Save files into the Local History folder.

What do you need to know about Altium Designer?

Altium Designer includes a number of features to ensure that your files remain safe, are backed up, and older versions can be retrieved if necessary. Apart from the actual files themselves, Altium Designer includes the following file storage/management capabilities:

How can I update Altium Designer without internet access?

The installation is executed by pressing the Update all button. A local repository can be created after the update and then other PCs can install the updated Release 10 version as complete reinstall from this local repository without having internet access (Have a look at the next article to find out more). How can I update without internet access?

How does Altium Designer support SVN and Git?

Altium Designer supports the Subversion (SVN) and Git version control systems (VCS). Because it has internal support for these systems, it provides access to the common SVN/Git file handling commands such as Commit, Update, etc., within Altium Designer, along with additional Subversion capabilities such as the ability to create an SVN repository.

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