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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate a standalone license in Altium Designer?

From within Altium Designer, the easiest way to activate a Standalone license that has not been previously activated, is to: Ensure you are signed in to your Altium Account. Select the license you wish to use in the Available Licenses grid.

Can you use Altium in more than one location?

Altium does allow for using this license type in more than one location. Provided the same user uses it for temporary purposes, the software may be used for product design in a home office or, while traveling with a laptop computer. As the name implies, this license type allows the same license to be used on a given continent.

How often do I need to renew my Altium license?

The Student License Program helps students all over the world access professional engineering solutions. With these tools, you'll get the experience you need to launch your career and build a better tomorrow. An Altium Designer On-Demand license. Renewable every 6-months for the verified duration of your studies.

Can a seat of an Altium license be leased?

A seat (instance) of a PLS-hosted Altium license can be 'leased' by workstation software when it is in use, then 'revoked' (returned to the available pool of licenses) when no longer required.

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