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Frequently Asked Questions

How are differential pairs routed in Altium Designer 21?

Differential pairs are routed as a pair - that is, you route two nets simultaneously. To route a differential pair, select Interactive Differential Pair Routing from the Route menu.

When to use a blanket directive in Altium?

If there are a large number of pairs to be defined, an alternate approach is to also place a Blanket directive. This allows you to apply directives to multiple nets that are under the blanket (the software detects nets whose Net Label hotspot is within the blanket boundary).

How to create a differential pair in nets?

The Create Differential Pairs From Nets dialog provides controls to create differential pair objects using net names conforming to a naming convention with a common prefix, followed by a consistent positive/negative suffix, for example, TX0_P and TX0_N.

When to use xsignals in differential pair routing?

If your differential pairs have series components in the signal path, you might find it worthwhile to create xSignals. An xSignal is a designer-defined signal path between two nodes. They can be two nodes within the same net or they can be two nodes in different nets.

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