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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate an Amazon credit card?

The first way to activate the Chase Amazon credit card is by calling the Chase Amazon dedicated activation telephone number: 1-800-575-5733. The second way to activate Chase Amazon credit card is by registering at The site will login to your Chase account to activate your new card.

How do I apply for an Amazon credit card?

Applying for an Amazon Credit Card Log into your Amazon account. Access the respective credit card's application form. Provide the necessary information. Submit the application. Wait to get your card or notification.

How to make a payment to an Amazon credit card?

How to Make Your Amazon Credit Card Payment Online Log in to your account, and place your cursor over "Payments." Select "Make a Payment" for one-time payments. Choose "Enroll in Recurring Payments" to set up automatic payments. Pick your payment type: Minimum, Current or Statement Balance. More items...

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