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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do on an Amazon Kindle?

10 Free Things to Do With Your Kindle Browse books on Amazon. One of my favorite activities in the world is to linger in a bookstore, picking up new and old titles and reading a few pages ... Download and read public domain works. There are multiple places to download free books formatted for the Kindle, but the easiest place to start is ... Check your email. ... Read blogs. ... More items...

How do you use an Amazon Kindle?

On the Kindle, Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch the browser is included along with other experimental features, which you can access from the menu. On the Kindle Fire, select "Web" on the Home screen to open the Amazon Silk browser. Highlight portions of documents on your Kindle.

How do you make money on Kindle?

Getting started with making money on Kindle is fairly simple. You simply sign up for a free KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account. With your KDP account, you can easily add a new book to your bookshelf within minutes. You simply fill in the title of your book, author name, description, upload a cover,...

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