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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a case for the Kindle Fire 8?

. All-New Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet (10th Generation 2020 Release), Fire HD 8 Plus Tablet Case, Premium PU Leather Stand Cover with Smart Auto Wake/Sleep, Purple Marble. . . . Only 12 left in stock - order soon.

When did the new Kindle Fire 8 come out?

Released in June of 2017, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 (7th generation) includes notable upgrades from the previous Fire 7, including additional RAM, battery life, potential storage capacity, screen size, and screen resolution.

Is the Amazon Fire HD 8 a tablet?

The Fire HD 8, like the others in the Kindle Fire line, is a fully functioning tablet. The Fire HD 8 includes Amazon’s Android operating system, as well as pre-installed apps like the Amazon Silk browser and Amazon’s app store. The Fire HD 8 is made of a plastic encasing with a glass screen. It has the Amazon logo printed on the back of the device.

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