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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any coupons or promo codes for Amazon?

Does Amazon have any discount codes? Amazon does occasionally have discount codes available, but you can find more frequent savings through Amazon “Today’s Deals” discounts and sales. How do I use my Amazon promo code? To use an Amazon promo code, go to your shopping cart.

How much is Amazon Prime for Amazon mom?

Moms Save Big: Prime members can join Amazon Mom for free and save up to 20% on diapers and other family purchases. Student Discounts: Prime subscriptions are $99 per year; students enjoy a rate of $49 per year. Returns: Most items sold and shipped by Amazon are eligible for free returns.

Are there any discounts for Amazon Prime members?

Amazon is offering select Prime members $10 off your $35 'Prime Now' purchase when you enter this promo code at checkout. If you aren't eligible for this discount you can still save up to 40% off at Amazon's coupon page.

What should I do if my Amazon coupon is not working?

Common errors of Amazon coupons: What can I do if the Amazon promo code isn’t working? Coupons need to be applied at the checkout page of Amazon. Try at least twice to make sure you entered the code correctly. Remember, these codes are case sensitive and you need to enter the dashes.

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