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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to ship on Amazon?

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) The most common seller option that allows you to take advantage of those popular Prime shipping options is FBA. With FBA, you ship inventory to Amazon, they store it in their warehouse and pack and ship the orders. They take over most of the work that happens after you list a product on the site.

How does Amazon Prime Shipping work for sellers?

For most sellers to take advantage of the Prime shipping options, you’ll have to choose a seller option that puts the shipping process into Amazon’s hands (and pay extra fees for the privilege). We’ll dive more into the specific options you have for having your products listed as Prime below.

How do I set shipping rates on Amazon?

You can set your shipping rates on the Shipping settings page in three ways: When a buyer purchases your products, Amazon applies the flat per-shipment rate and the appropriate per-weight or per-item shipping rate for the order. You set a per-shipment rate of $4.00 and a per-pound rate of $0.50.

Who is eligible for premium shipping on Amazon?

Anyone that’s been selling on Amazon for over 90 days is eligible to use premium shipping. You can set prices for each option based on the expenses you expect to incur. The main catch here is that you have to follow through on getting those orders in on time.

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