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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about an Amcor air conditioner?

AMCOR is a leading brand in indoor air treatment. We would like you to enjoy the many benefi ts this unit offers, so please read this manual carefully and take full advantage of the many advanced features that your AMCOR Air Conditioner offers you.

How does the Amcor nanomax portable airconditioner work?

Emptying The Water Container This portable AC features the Innovative AutoDrain NanoMist Technology Very little excess water should accumulate. During the process of cooling, some of the water accumulated is actually used to cool the unit internally, making it run more effi ciently.

How big is the exhaust vent on an Amcor air conditioner?

Air Conditioner Hose Portable Exhaust Vent with 5" Diameter, Clockwise Thread & Length up to 80". Compatible with LG, Delonghi and Other Portable Air Conditioners to Save Energy Air Conditioner Hose. Portable Exhaust Vent with 5.9" Diameter, Anti-Clockwise Thread & Length up to 80".

What kind of warranty does Amcor compressor have?

(5 years for Compressor Only Amcor, Inc. (“Amcor”) warrants the original retail purchaser (“Purchaser”) purchasing in the United States that the Amcor product with which this warranty is enclosed is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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