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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services does Amcord care offer?

This allows us to accommodate clients of limited English proficiency, and to create an easy and stress-free experience for the individual We offer comprehensive home healthcare services ranging from adult day care to home-delivered meals.

How is Amcord used in the real estate industry?

The guidelines provided by AMCORD can be adapted (where necessary) to produce local codes, policies and regulations, thus meeting the needs of State and Territory Governments, local authorities and the housing and development industry.

What are the national objectives of Amcord document?

As a national resource document AMCORD aims to achieve national objectives of sustainable development, social justice, micro-economic reform and efficiency in land use. It proposes innovative approaches to design and regulation, and encourages more integration of planning and control processes.

Who is the author of the Amcord document?

©Commonwealth of Australia 1997: This CDROM Application : ISBN 0 642 26671 9 This work is co pyright.

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