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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of flooring is made of Cork?

Cutting-edge green technology works at its best here, particularly with the very interesting AND/ OR rubber cork range – a hybrid floor tile made by combining recycled rubber granules and cork dust, resulting in some unexpectedly fantastically bright colors and textures.

Is it OK to refinish cork flooring?

With proper care, cork will easily outlast the floors you thought were most durable. Cork is among the floors that allow you to refinish them to restore their beauty.

How much does cork flooring cost per square foot?

Nationally, the average cost for covering a 100-square foot room with cork flooring is about $950—or $9.50 per square foot. This is comparable to what a bamboo floor costs, and slightly less than most hardwood flooring.

Can a Cork plank be used as a floating floor?

Cork planks are usually assembled with lock-lock edges for a floating floor installation, similar to how laminate flooring or luxury vinyl planks are installed. Floating floors are generally installed over a thin foam underlayment pad.

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