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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cork flooring does amcork use?

AmCork’s high quality natural cork flooring products are available in a floating cork floor planks and cork floor tiles. Check our specials page for discounted cork flooring prices.

Is it a good idea to join Amcor?

Leading global companies and the people who want to join them can sometimes be the target of employment scams. If you are looking to join Amcor, please read this page to help you avoid scams.

Is the packaging of Amcor products recyclable or reusable?

Much of our packaging is already designed to be recyclable or reusable. The remaining challenges will be overcome thanks to Amcor's leadership and innovation, in close collaboration with others.

What did the acquisition of Bemis do for Amcor?

The acquisition of Bemis added dozens of new locations to our global footprint, so there are even greater opportunities to be part of Amcor. Ready for your next step in the Americas?

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