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Frequently Asked Questions

Which school has the lowest acceptance rate?

Ranking of top 100 accredited colleges and universities with the lowest acceptance rates in the nation for first-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students. 1) Standford University - 5%; 2) Harvard University - 5.6%; 3) Columbia University in the City of New York - 6.6%, 4) Yale University - 6.7%, and more.

What is high acceptance rate?

A high acceptance rate means that for all the students that apply, a good percentage of them will be admitted. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because a school has a high acceptance rate, it is easy to get into.

What is the acceptance rate at University?

The acceptance rate of a university is the ratio of the number of applicants offered admission to the total number of applicants. If a university receives 100 applications and offers admission to 75 students, the acceptance rate is 75%. It does not matter how many students actually join.

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