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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose College of Amherst?

College is a time of discovery, when you wrestle with difficult questions, connect disparate ideas and discover what’s possible. Here, discover Amherst and what sets us apart. We offer one of the most comprehensive, ambitious financial aid programs in the country. See the campus for yourself.

What is men's college hockey?

Men’s hockey is one of the smallest leagues sponsored by the NCAA with 148 total programs across all three divisions. While men’s college hockey has not been sponsored by the NAIA since the last National Ice Hockey Championship in 1984, there are currently nine NAIA institutions with hockey programs.

What are the best college hockey schools in America?

Men’s college hockey rankings: What are the best hockey colleges? 1 Princeton University 2 Harvard University 3 University of Michigan 4 Yale University 5 University of Notre Dame 6 Boston College 7 Dartmouth College 8 University of Wisconsin 9 Cornell University 10 Brown University

What is the American collegiate hockey association (ACHA)?

As the sole governing body of the NAIA Division, the NAIA Hockey Coaches Association oversee operations and organizes a national championship, while promoting the growth of college hockey at NAIA institutions. What is the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA)?

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