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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Amherst residential?

Since inception, Amherst Residential has raised more than $5.5 billion of debt and equity capital to propel acquisition, property management, stabilization and related residential real estate activities forward. Main Street Renewal is Amherst’s vertically integrated property acquisition, repair and management business.

What is Amherst capital?

Amherst Capital offers solutions spanning the risk-return spectrum including private equity, direct lending and publicly-traded securities. The Amherst Single Family Residential Platform currently manages multiple pools of capital that invest in single family rental homes.

Who is Amherst Advisory & Management?

Amherst Advisory & Management, LLC (“AAM”), is a registered investment advisor with products and services designed to meet the needs of institutional investors. Our approach to asset management has been built from the same proprietary data and analytics that have been the key to our success in our other businesses.\u2028

How many employees and assets does Amherst have?

Combined with its subsidiaries and affiliates, Amherst has more than 900 employees and more than $10.9 billion in assets under management*. *As of June 30, 2021. Insightful advice.

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