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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ampersand stand for?

Definitions for ampersand ˈæm pərˌsænd am·per·sand. Origin: [A corruption of and, per se and, i. e., & by itself makes and.] An ampersand is a logogram representing the conjunction word "and". This symbol is a ligature of the letters et, Latin for "and". [A corr. of and per se and —that is, & standing by itself means and .]...

When should the ampersand be used in APA format?

In APA style, the ampersand is used when citing sources in text such as (Jones & Jones, 2005). In the list of references, an ampersand precedes the last author's name when there is more than one author.

What is the ampersand symbol?

The ampersand ("&") is a logogram. It represents the Latin conjunction et, meaning "and". The ampersand's symbol is not only a logogram, but also a ligature. It joins the old handwritten Latin letters e and t of the word et, so that the word is represented as a single glyph.

What is an ampersand key?

An ampersand is the "&" symbol on a keyboard and represents the word "and.". It began being commonly used in the English language around 1837, according to The Word Detective. Adding an ampersand to a document or email from a PC keyboard is extremely easy to do--the simplest way is by hitting the ampersand key on the keyboard.

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