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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ampex stand for?

Ampex Data Systems (Ampex), a Delta Information Systems Company, announced a signed teaming agreement with Mantix4 to provide enhanced cyber threat intelligence and monitoring across critical operational…

What is the size of Ampex panels?

The Ampex panels have unique “mushroom” shaped nubs which locks the PEX tubing firmly in place (staples and zip ties not needed). The 2’x4’ (610x1220mm) panels are placed on compacted stone/gravel.

Why Ampex Data Systems Corporation?

Ampex Data Systems Corporation builds cutting-edge data management and data security solutions today, by standing on our foundation as a world leader in data recording and storage for over 75 years.

What is Ampex Intelligent Systems (AIS)?

The Colorado Springs, Colorado unit, referred to as Ampex Intelligent Systems (AIS), serves as a laboratory and hub for the company’s line of industrial control system cyber security products and services and its artificial intelligence/ machine learning technology which is available across all of the company’s products.

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