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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the amphibian life cycle?

Life as an Amphibian. The typical life cycle of amphibians is a larval stage that lasts a few months, followed by a brief metamorphic period, then a long, multiyear life on land. The adults return to the water to court and ultimately lay eggs. However, there are many exceptions.

Is an amphibian and a mammal the same thing?

As mammals and amphibians are both animals and part of the kingdom Animalia, there are similarities between them. There are also many differences between the two. Mammals give birth to live young, whereas the birth of amphibians takes place externally. Mammals are warm-blooded, while amphibians are cold-blooded.

What does amphibian have no limbs?

Caecilians are unusual animals with long, thin bodies and no legs. Most amphibians are meat-eaters, grabbing smaller animals for their food. These rare amphibians live in lakes in Central America.

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