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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the frog or salamander considered amphibian?

Today's amphibians include frogs and toads, newts and salamanders, and the wormlike amphibians known as caecilians. Amphibian, (class Amphibia), any member of the group of vertebrate animals characterized by their ability to exploit both aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

Is a reptile and an amphibian the same thing?

The terms reptile and amphibian were largely interchangeable, reptile (from Latin repere, 'to creep') being preferred by the French. Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti was the first to formally use the term Reptilia for an expanded selection of reptiles and amphibians basically similar to that of Linnaeus.

Is a skink a reptile or an amphibian?

Skinks make up the largest family of lizards and inhabit every continent, except Antarctica. They are reptiles and their skin is covered with smooth, shiny scales. Salamanders, which are found in temperate regions worldwide, are amphibians and have a moist, permeable skin.

Is the Horned Frog an amphibian or reptile?

Generally, the Argentine Horned Frog is a friendly amphibian that will not bite humans. However, wild-caught ones are known to bite anything they deem as threats. Are Argentine Horned Frogs carnivorous?

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