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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fish and amphibians?

The primary difference between fish and amphibians is that fish are only able to live in water and amphibians are able to live both in and out of water. Other differences between fish and amphibians include habitat, differences in skin type and the presence of limbs.

What are amphibians used for?

All about amphibians. These teeth are used to hold onto prey and not used to actually chew or tear apart prey. Amphibians swallow their prey whole, so they do not need teeth for chewing. They are called vomerine because they are found in the facial bone called the vomer.

What are some facts about amphibians?

Some of the interesting facts about amphibians are: Amphibians were the first living species of vertebrate animals on earth. Found about 350 million years ago in the Devonian period, Icthyostega was the first instances of primitive amphibians that had 4 limbs and a skull similar to the lobe finned fish.

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