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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different species of amphibians?

The different types of amphibians can be classified into three major categories: the anura (salientia), the caudate (urodela) and the gymnophiona (apoda). Anura has the largest species of amphibians. In fact the most common type of amphibians we encounter such as toads and frogs are found in this particular category.

What are some names of amphibians?

List of some common amphibians are below.Their scientific names are written in the bracket. Acha Tugi long-fingered frog (Cardioglossa schioetzi) African giant toad (Amietophrynus superciliaris) African reed frog (Hyperolius kihangensis) African viviparous toad (Nectophrynoides vestergaardi) African wart frog (Acanthixalus sonjae)

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