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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of skin does an amphibian have?

Amphibians have smooth, slimy skin that is covered with mucus secretions. This keeps their skin moist and allows oxygen to pass into their bodies. Amphibians cannot drink water with their mouths. Water is absorbed through their skin.

What is the skin of an amphibian like?

They generally have moist skin without scales. Their skin contains keratin, a tough, fibrous protein found in the skin, scales, feathers, hair, and nails of tetrapod vertebrates, from amphibians to humans. Some forms of keratin are tougher than others.

Why do amphibians use their skin for breathing?

Amphibians use their moist skin to breathe. Their skin has numerous skin glands that secretes various proteins and mucus that helps keep the skin moist. Skin is their most important and largest organ. Their skin is thin and allows the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in and out of the body. Thus, helping in overall breathing and respiration .

Do amphibians have moist and smooth skin?

First - Amphibian skin is smooth and moist . They do not have that thick, scaly skin that is a trait of all reptiles. Amphibians do not have scales, feathers, or even hair like other animals. Since it does not have that protective covering, an amphibian's skin can easily dry out.

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