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Frequently Asked Questions

What is amplify Science in NYC schools?

Amplify Science is the new “core” curriculum in NYC middle schools. Here’s what teachers and others are saying about it. Students at a Bushwick elementary school learn about genes and traits using an interactive simulation through Amplify Science.

What is the Amplify program?

Through readings, digital simulations, promoted discussions, and its own hands-on activities, Amplify’s curriculum emphasizes “evidence-based learning’ and making students “investigators” of science, officials say — and represents the first overhaul of the curriculum ladder in science for city teachers in years.

What is amplyamplify science?

Amplify Science is rooted in the Lawrence Hall of Science’s Do, Talk, Read, Write, Visualize model of learning. This research-based approach presents students with multiple modalities through which to explore the NGSS curriculum.

What is the amplify Science Unit kit?

Hands-on learning is at the heart of Amplify Science. Each unit kit contains: The middle school science articles serve as sources for evidence collection and were authored by science and literacy experts at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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