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Frequently Asked Questions

What does factor analysis mean?

FACTOR ANALYSIS. Factor analysis is a statistical technique that is used to determine the extent to which a group of measures share common variance. Factor analysis is sometimes termed a "data reduction" technique because the method is frequently used to extract a few underlying components (or factors)...

What does factor analysis, statistical mean?

Factor Analysis, Statistical A set of statistical methods for analyzing the correlations among several variables in order to estimate the number of fundamental dimensions that underlie the observed data and to describe and measure those dimensions. It is used frequently in the development of scoring systems for rating scales and questionnaires.

What does factor analytic mean?

What Is Factor Analysis? A Simple Explanation... Factor analysis is a statistical procedure used to identify a small number of that can be used to represent relationships among sets of interrelated variables. For example, COMPUTER USE BY TEACHERS is a broad construct that can have a number of FACTORS (use for testing,

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