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Frequently Asked Questions

What are idioms and why are they important?

They are expressions that we have developed in our language over time. An idiom develops when its meaning no longer requires analysis by fluent language users: you instinctively understand it as a whole phrase because you are a competent member of a language community. Some ways new language learners come to know and understand idioms include:

Can idioms be used as features of sentiment analysis?

In order to use idioms as features of sentiment analysis, we need more information about their underlying sentiment. In this case, we turned to the Learn English Today website which organises 580 idioms by themes, many of which can be directly (e.g. happiness, sadness) or indirectly (e.g. success, failure) mapped to an emotion.

How many types of idioms are there in literature?

Based on the analysis of the sentence in the novel, from 796 were classified into 6 types of idiom offered by Makkai used. Those are phrasal verb idiom, tournure idiom, irreversible binomial idiom, compound idiom, incorporating idiom and pseudo idiom.

How accurate are idioms in the form of phrase?

Idioms in the form of phrase are the most dominant form with 71.1% total percentage. In regard to the accuracy of subtitling, there are three aspects for a subtitling to be good in quality; its accuracy, acceptability, and readability. However in this

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