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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell analyse?

The Correct spelling is: analyzer. Common misspellings of the word analyzer are: analyzer in french. analyzer in spanish. analyzer in german.

What does word analysis mean?

Word Analysis. In "word analysis" or "word study," students break words down into morphemes, their smallest units of meaning. Each morpheme has a meaning that contributes to the whole word. Students’ knowledge of morphemes helps them to identify the meaning of words and builds their vocabulary.

What is a synonym for the word analyze?

analyze, analyse(verb) break down into components or essential features. "analyze today's financial market". Synonyms: examine, psychoanalyze, analyse, study, canvass, psychoanalyse, dissect, canvas, break down, take apart. Antonyms:

What is another word for analysis?

Another word for analysis. The separation of a whole into its parts for study: anatomy, breakdown, dissection. A close or systematic study: examination, inspection, investigation, review, survey.

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