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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Anco become Anco?

In 1993, Rick Eaglin purchased the ANCO line, creating a new company under the name ANCO, Inc. In the following links, you can learn about ANCO’s past and how it developed into what it is today.

What is Anco® contour?

Featuring our patented Articulated Contact™ Technology, proprietary Kwik Connect® Installation System, and DuraKlear® Plus exclusive rubber compound - ANCO® Contour is the premium upgrade beam blade replacement. What can we help you find? Search for ANCO ® products with our easy part finder or vehicle specifications.

Where is Ansco headquarters located?

At that time, a new headquarters was constructed in Vestal, New York, adjacent to the new college campus of Harpur College (now Binghamton University ). This location the one of two remaining pieces of Ansco in the Binghamton area and is currently occupied by the University.

Where was the first Anco industrial movie made?

After two years of experimenting with Tobin Packing Co., ANCO installed the first complete Resin Depilatory system in their Fort Dodge, Iowa plant. It was here that the first ANCO industrial movie was made. After shooting in many plants during the next couple of years, a 1200-foot film was produced and shown throughout the world.

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