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Frequently Asked Questions

How bad is an aneurysm?

The most serious threat of an aneurysm is that it will burst and cause a stroke or massive bleeding, which can be life-threatening. A large aneurysm can affect your circulation and lead to blood clots.

What are the chances of surviving an aneurysm?

Previously, due to lack of proper medical facilities, the survival rate of an aortic aneurysm was quite low making it a fatal disease. Nowadays, with the medical advancement the survival rates of the patients with aortic aneurysm have improved considerably. The relative rate of survival has gone up to 87 percent.

How long can you live with an aneurysm?

Among patients whose intact aneurysms were repaired during the 18 years of the study, the relative five-year survival rate was 90.3 percent, with patients surviving an average of almost nine years after surgery.

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