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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of animal is an Angus cow?

Angus Cattle Characteristics. Angus cattle are medium to large animals with either black or red color. The udder of the cows may be white. They are naturally polled and have a large muscle content. Average body weight of the bulls is around 850 kg.

What should I know about raising Angus cattle?

So only the basics are given for an Angus cow-calf herd, not for finishing or backgrounding cattle. The more finite details of how you choose to raise your Angus herd is up to you. Buy and start up your Angus herd and choose the Angus cattle you need for the operation you are managing.

What kind of cattle are in the UK?

Currently there are three distinct and well-defined breeds of polled cattle in the United Kingdom. These three breeds are Angus, the Galloway and the red polled Norfolk and Suffolk breed. The Angus cattle are naturally polled and solid red or black in color. Native color of this breed is black, but more recently red colors have emerged.

Where can I find the American Angus Association?

Find it all on AngusTV, the official YouTube channel for the American Angus Association. You'll learn about industry updates, experience education from top minds in the cattle industry, and discover how to become profitable with the business breed. Plus, you will find inspiring stories from the heart of American ranch country and beyond.

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