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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Angus Media do for cattle producers?

Marketing. Angus Media provides unrivaled marketing opportunities for cattle producers with Association programs that allow breeders to set their calves apart from the crowd.

Where can I find the American Angus Association?

Find it all on AngusTV, the official YouTube channel for the American Angus Association. You'll learn about industry updates, experience education from top minds in the cattle industry, and discover how to become profitable with the business breed. Plus, you will find inspiring stories from the heart of American ranch country and beyond.

Where is the national junior Angus show held?

The 2021 National Junior Angus Show to be hosted in Grand Island, Nebraska. Angus University webinars will continue through the summer as Lunch and Learn series. Meeting macro and micro nutritional requirements of today’s cow. Looking for videos to help grow your ranch, yourself, or your students?

What is the purpose of the Angus Convention?

The Angus Convention is a gathering place for all quality-minded cattle producers and friends from every sector of the cattle business and offers industry-leading education, networking and entertainment.

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