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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cook Angus beef the same way as regular beef?

Since Angus beef is a specific breed of cattle and not a specific type of beef, you cook it the same way you would cook any other meat.

Why is Angus beef more expensive than other beef?

Because Angus beef is generally more expensive than other beef, you want to make sure you don't overcook the cut, dry out the meat, and ruin your meal. Angus Beef vs. Other Breeds

What do you need to know about black angus beef?

The Black Angus, or more commonly, Angus, is a black-hided breed without horns (polled). The Angus breed has a number of advantages in production and the qualities of the meat and it quickly became popular as breeding stock to reduce problems of over-breeding in other lines of cattle.

Why are Angus cattle such a good breed of cattle?

Angus cattle are well known for their very good quality of meat. Some would argue that they have a superior meat quality. Studied have shown that the Angus cattle have a most efficient feed conversion rate which gives Angus cattle a high return on the investment on them. They have a natural marbling for a tender tasty meat.

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