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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the father of actor Angus Imrie?

Imrie was born in 1994 on the Isle of Wight, and is the son of actors Celia Imrie and Benjamin Whitrow.

Where did Angus Imrie live during the Thatcher era?

It is set in an anonymous road in a deprived, working class area of Lancashire during the Thatcher era, at a time of high unemployment in Northern England. Imrie won the casting agency Spotlight 's Most Promising Actor Award for his roles in the play at The Sunday Times National Student Drama Festival in 2014.

When did Angus Imrie appear in station Jim?

Imrie has appeared in a range of stage, television and radio productions since he was a child. After his screen debut in the BBC One film drama Station Jim at the age of five, he appeared in the ITV drama series Kingdom in 2007, and the BBC One mini-series Restless in 2012.

Who was Angus Imrie in Fleabag season 2?

Angus played Creepy Jake in season 2 of Fleabag, the oddball son of Martin (Brett Gelman) and stepson of the title character’s sister, Claire (Sian Clifford). Angus played Creepy Jake in BBC’s Fleabag.

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