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Frequently Asked Questions

How big was Angus MacAskill the Cape Breton giant?

MacAskill was able to lift a 2800 lb ship’s anchor to chest height. Was known to carry barrels weighing over 300lbs under each arm, was able to singlehandedly set a 40-foot mast into a schooner deck and was also known to lift a full-grown horse hover a four-foot fence.

What kind of strength did Angus MacAskill have?

His pinch strength was extraordinary too, as he could take a 100 pounds weight using only two fingers and hold it at arms length for full ten minutes. MacAskill decided to join a circus in 1849 and tour Cuba and the West Indies.

How did Angus MC Askill become a giant?

The distinction of his status as a ‘true’ giant hinges on the fact the Angus was purported to be free of any growth abnormalities.His stature was proportional in every way and his immense size and strength was due only to his natural genetic gifts. MacAskill was born in 1825 on the Isle of Berneray in the Sound of Harris, Scotland.

How tall was Angus McAskill when he toured Lower Canada?

In July 1849 he toured Lower Canada and in 1850 the United States. When he reached his full growth his agents reported his height as 7 ft 9 in., his weight 425 pounds, his shoulders 44 in. wide, and the palm of his hand 8 in. wide and 12 in. long. In 1863 he was wearing boots 17 1/2 in. long.

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