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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall was Angus MacAskill in feet and inches?

Angus MacAskill. Angus Mòr MacAskill (1825 – August 8, 1863) was a Scottish -born Canadian giant. The 1981 Guinness Book of World Records says he is the tallest non- pathological giant in recorded history (7 ft 9 in, or 2.36 m) and had the largest chest measurements of any non-obese man (80 inches, or 200 cm).

Where did Angus MacAskill live in Englishtown?

MacAskill's presence lived on in Englishtown for many years where his timber-frame house sat on the edge of Kelly's Mountain, overlooking St. Ann's Harbour. The structure, with its massive door frames still stood, albeit in ruins, as late as the 1950s and the foundation was visible into the 1980s.

How big is the MacAskill family in Cape Breton?

A look at the MacAskill family tree shows how large the giant's legacy still looms, with family ties across the Maritimes and around the world. He's cast a ‘great, big’ shadow over proud generations. “Not only for the family, but I think for the island,” said Stephen MacAskill.

How did Angus MacAskill kill his tormentor?

An altercation with a dancer led to MacAskill striking his tormentor's jaw with his fist. The man landed in the middle of the floor and was unconscious for so long the other dancers thought he was dead. When the captain returned to his schooner he found MacAskill on his knees praying that he had not killed the man.

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