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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall was Angus MacAskill before Andre the giant?

Wikimedia Commons Angus MacAskill standing next to a person of average height. P.T. Barnum was world renowned for finding the tallest, smallest, oldest, youngest and most interesting specimens that the world had ever seen, but even he was surprised by Angus MacAskill.

How did Angus MC Askill become a giant?

The distinction of his status as a ‘true’ giant hinges on the fact the Angus was purported to be free of any growth abnormalities.His stature was proportional in every way and his immense size and strength was due only to his natural genetic gifts. MacAskill was born in 1825 on the Isle of Berneray in the Sound of Harris, Scotland.

What did Angus MacAskill do for a living?

MacAskill was well known for feats of strength such as lifting a ship's anchor weighing 2,800 pounds (1,300 kg) to chest height, and an ability to carry barrels weighing over 350 pounds (160 kg) apiece under each arm or reputedly able to lift a hundredweight (50 kg) with two fingers and hold it at arm's length for ten minutes.

How did Angus MacAskill the Cape Breton giant die?

During the trip he suddenly became seriously ill and was returned to St. Ann’s where he died peacefully in his sleep on August 8, 1863. To this day, many tall tales about MacAskill continue to circulate due to the fact that his gentle manner contrasted his appearance so dramatically that he endeared all who knew of him.

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