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Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Angus MacGyver when his father died?

Angus MacGyver was born during or just after 1990 on March 23rd. His mother died when he was five years old and his father, James MacGyver left him when he was ten. As such, he was raised by his paternal grandfather Harry MacGyver in Mission City.

Who is the actor who plays MacGyver's father?

In this episode, MacGyver fans get to meet Mac’s father aka “Oversight,” head of The Phoenix Foundation. Oversight is portrayed by Tate Donovan.

Who is the best friend of Angus MacGyver?

He currently shares his home, which he inherited from his grandfather who's since passed, with his best friend Wilt Bozer who like the general public believes that DXS is just a Think-Tank. In the series premiere, Mac, Jack, Thornton and Nikki infiltrate a high-end criminal/terrorist party in Italy to steal a bioweapon from a notorious terrorist.

What was the relationship between James MacGyver and his son?

James' relationship with his son was highly strained from James leaving his son with his grandfather and disappearing for almost 20 years until he finally revealed himself and profession to his son in 2018, leading to an eventual reconciliation between the younger and elder MacGyvers.

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